Delamore Arts

I’m looking forward to exhibiting work at Delamore Arts for the first time next year.  It takes place throughout May 2019 and I’ll be showing work currently in production. Hope to see you there!

on form 18

I’m looking forward to exhibiting work at on form again this year which takes place from Sunday June 10th to 8th July. The last few months have been productive and it’ll be great to see my new work in the amazing grounds of Asthall Manor.

Clyde&Co Staff Vote Winner

I was very pleased to win the Clyde&Co Staff Vote this year. Thanks to everyone at the firm who voted for me!

Winning the 2015 Staff Vote has capped a fabulous involvement with Clyde & Co who have been so supportive over this year. The Art Award scheme has provided so many of us with inspiration, guidance and encouragement. Thank you to both Louise and Uma for their professionalism, as well as to others who are helping make this a very important initiative.

My work is very much a product of the City & Guilds of London Art School with its unique combination of craft and fine art-based teaching. Studying the traditional techniques of the stone carver next door to artists wrestling with concepts in fine art was a thrilling experience. It was impossible not to be inspired in such an atmosphere. I hope this sometimes difficult blend can be nurtured and protected as the school moves forward.

Finally, thank you to the staff at Clyde & Co for choosing Emotional Scale as the winner of this year’s Staff Vote, you clearly have excellent taste. 😉

onform 2016

I was very pleased to be asked to take part in onform this year. It takes place from Sunday June 12th to 10th July in the grounds of beautiful Asthall Manor. I’ll be exhibiting a few pieces from my Degree Show as well as new work completed over the last few months in my brand new shed.


4th July 2015
City & Guilds: Artistic-Self Explored At London Degree Show 2015

“Steven Atkinson is a 3D visualizer and sculpture actualizer who is bringing stone into the New Media Age.  His three final degree works accompanied by documentation of Atkinson’s digital process are portraits of his friend skilled in producing specific facial expressions.  Hung on one wall are seven bronze portraits accompanied by carved emoticon symbols composed of colons, dashes, brackets and the occasional letter.  The classical origin of bronze used for sculptural purposes conjures an authority, as though the faces are the ancient derivation for the symbols we use in everyday digital conversations.  Another sculpture produced to be experienced in the round includes two portraits embodying Ego and Shadow selves.  The white marble face of a man who can barely contain his excitement (or his tongue) is the carefully contsructed external expression often found on social media profiles.  Next to this FOMO induced and inducing expression of good times is an anxiety ridden dark green portrait hiding in an abstract, allegorical cave – the cave that is our real, uncomfortably balanced lives.  Atkinson’s practice is not limited to carving the work or exploring the many faces of social media, he has also impressively advanced digital architectural design software to aid the design and visualization of the works within the stone.”

Emotional Scale chosen!

I’m delighted to announce that Emotional Scale has been chosen by international law firm Clyde & CO as part of their Workplace Art scheme! The work will be on display at their City offices for 12 months from the end of August, and the firm says this:

“Congratulations on being selected as part of the Clyde & Co Art Awards 2015! The Clyde & Co Art Committee was very impressed with your work and they have chosen this work to be displayed at the firm’s offices at the St Botolph’s Building and Beaufort House, London EC3.”

Thank you to Clyde & CO for choosing my work, I provide this diagram so that the work can be hung correctly, hope it helps 😉